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April 2011.

Club "X", LabinSunday, 17.4.2011. 00:30 - 06:00

Jimi Hendrix Tribute Real Band led by young guitar player from Porec Viliam Valenta play at Bikers Club X in Labin, Istria.

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GrimaldaSunday, 17.4.2011.
Supci pud mavricun

Traditional gathering of young players on the Istrian folk and traditional instruments called "Supci pud mavricun" will be held 17th April in Grimalda. The event has been launched 4 years ago by the youth of Pagubica and Radio Istria, with the aim of encouraging young inhabitants of Istria to care and foster traditional values of Istra ( Istria ).
"Supci pud mavricun" - The players under the rainbow.
Organizer: Youth Association Pagubice

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RabacSunday, 17.4.2011.
Voga Teleferika

11th Boat race
After the proclamation of winners, all participants and guests will enjoy a tug of war, satisfy their hunger and quench the thirst with free drinks and sardines which are prepared from the hearts of the inhabitants of Rabac, and then dance till late at night!

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SRC Veli Jože, PorečSaturday, 16.4.2011. - 17.4.2011.
The 4th Poreč Flower Show

The town of Poreč will continue its tradition of hosting the flower weekend. All flower fans should visit this colourful and fragrant event, to be held at the Poreč Hall Veli Jože from the 16th and 17th April. We invite all flower lovers to come to the sports hall and find a little something with which to decorate their balconies and gardens.

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Aruba Club, PulaFriday, 15.4.2011. 21:00 - 16.4.2011. 01:00
Klapa Opatija

Let's enjoy together in a real treat of Dalmatian melodies this Friday at Club Aruba, with singers of "Klapa Opatija" and their excellent repertoire!
Sounds of mandolin and guitar with the specific expression of Capella singing guarantee superior musical enjoyment!

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House of Croatian defenders, PulaThursday, 14.4.2011. 21:00
MICHAEL FORMANEK QUARTET (USA) - Jazzbina Spring Edition

Michael Formanek - double-bass
Tim Berne - alto saxophone
Craig Taborn - piano
Gerald Cleaver - drums

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VodnjanSaturday, 9.4.2011.
Review of wine and oil

Producers of wine and oil from Istria and Croatia
One of the reviews with the longest tradition on these areas and with the probably the best olive oil in the world.
Feel and taste the unique experience that offers our oil and wine ...

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Holistic Health Center "Waves", PulaSaturday, 9.4.2011. - 10.4.2011.
Two-day workshop with AVIGAIL MOR

Alum InnoMedic invites you to a two-day workshop on "Bio-magnotherapy". Wake-up more inner awareness through a unique concept and a new approach toward self-discovery, healing and health. The workshop will take (EMT) Avigail Mor, esoteric teacher and kabalist from Israel.

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RovinjFriday, 8.4.2011. - 10.4.2011.

ETNOFILm Festival is a platform for the promotion of ethnographic film. The categories of the official competition selection reveal its plurality, where on the one side the narrow disciplinary approach to ethnographic film is promoted and on the other side the Festival gives a broader spectrum of non-disciplinary films the opportunity to affirm themselves, and encourages a heterogeneous approach to ethnography. In the last two editions of ETNOFILm forty films from all over the world were shown in the official competition part of the programme. This year a record number of films was submitted: 101. In the competition section of the programme 26 films will be shown this year, selected by dr. sc. Sanja Puljar D'Alessio.

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PorečFriday, 8.4.2011. - 10.4.2011.
3rd Poreč Motorshow

For the third consecutive year Poreč will host the event entitled "Motorshow Poreč 2011". Numerous sports car fans will have the opportunity to enjoy viewing prototypes, tools, motorcycles and tuning equipment during the event. In addition to the sports car and serial manufacture car shows, the program of the 3rd Poreč Motorshow 2011 will include exhibition racing, car slalom racing, timed races, as well as races between national automotive champions and guests. The entire event will be held at the town parking area "Žatika".

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