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May 2012.

Sunday, 27.5.2012. 10:00 - 19:00
14th Wine Day

14th Wine Day in a row - Day of the open cellars, which will be held on 27 May 2012. from 10h to 19h in more than 80 wine cellars in Istria.

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UčkaSunday, 27.5.2012. 09:00 - 14:00
5th Mom and baby Ucka marathon

Association for Promoting Healthy Life "Spiritus movens'from Opatija, under the auspices of Opatija and Kvarner County, organizes on Sunday, 27/05/2012, 5th Mom and baby Ucka marathon.

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Monvi Center, RovinjSaturday, 26.5.2012. 22:00 - 27.5.2012. 05:00

Monvi will 10th jubilee summer season start with a "Grand Opening" on 26 May 2012. Begins another long hot summer of unforgettable fun in Monvi!

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LovranSaturday, 26.5.2012.
37th Festival of Istrian Brass Orchestras

On Saturday, 26 May Lovran Wind Orchestra hosts the "37th Festival of Istrian Brass Orchestras" - festival of wind Orchestras and brass bands of the Istrian peninsula. This event is unique in several ways, and has the international character - perform Istrian orchestras, from the Croatia, Slovenia and Italy. Overall it is expected around 1000 musicians. Orchestras will hold a morning promenade concerts starting at 11:30 in Opatija (Local Board Vasanska), ICICI (Icici beach), Dobrec (at Bocarija) and Lovran.

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Movie Bar, RabacFriday, 25.5.2012. 21:00
First Anniversary @ Movie Bar.Rabac

On Friday, 25.05. celebrate the first anniversary of the Movie's Bar!
For the musical stage performance they invited - Dylan Dogs, duo
from Porec who will with DJ & saxophone performance and with Mr. Marley ignite the audience.

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Multimedia Center, RovinjFriday, 25.5.2012. 12:00 - 28.5.2012. 12:00
5 Artexchange

Istrian Art Fair
The promotion and sale of works of art from the selected galleries, presentations, round tables, works of art auctions, art investment counseling.

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NovigradFriday, 25.5.2012. - 26.5.2012.
13. Pirates party

MK Pirates - Istria, 13th Pirates party in Novigrad, free admission and camping, and Sunday breakfast (scrambled eggs with asparagus), the ability to sleep in bungalows. Panoramic drive and break with anchovies and wine on Saturday at 15 o'clock.

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Club Punta Christo, ŠtinjanSaturday, 19.5.2012. 22:00 - 20.5.2012. 06:00
3ple Dubble Trubble # 4

Seasplash Summer Club floor: 207. L JAY, SHECO, KING SHANGO SOUND.
Grotlo floor: cfsn DJ's, MMMeniga

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Ex TDR, RovinjSaturday, 19.5.2012. 21:00
Avantgarde Jazz festival -  3 Cohens Sextet

On May 19, the performance of 3 Cohens Sextet featuring Anat, Yuval & Avishai Cohen in the former Rovinj Tobacco Factory will conclude the Avantgarde Jazz festival events in May.

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Mošćenička DragaSaturday, 19.5.2012. - 27.5.2012.
2nd Days of Kvarner scampi and seafood delicacies

Moscenicka Draga lures with its second event Days of Kvarner scampi and seafood delicacies in which the 19th to 27th May organizes a series of culinary and entertainment events in the Mediteran and the hotel offer special menus at eight restaurants.

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