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June 2017.

OpatijaFriday, 2.6.2017.
Nikola Tesla EV Rally Croatia 2017

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OpatijaSaturday, 17.6.2017.
Liburnia Classic Oldtimer Rally

Opatija | 17.6.2017.

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OpatijaThursday, 29.6.2017. - 2.7.2017.
RETROPATIJA, music spectacle

Shop windows and bars will be set design, and the entire twentieth century theme of the largest and most massive event in Opatija, which will bring together hundreds of participants and thousands of visitors, and to evoke the memory of the "svingajuće" thirties, "crazy" seventies, "rock 'eighties and all other periods will be presented authentic fashion, music, decoration, but also offer caterers and local craftsmen.

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July 2017.

OpatijaSaturday, 1.7.2017. - 31.8.2017.
Opatija Oldtimer Tour, free tourist rides

Svaki utorak u razdoblju od 19,30 - 22,00 h svi zainteresirani imaju priliku uživati u vožnji oldtimer vozilima.
Mjesto polaska je ispred hotela Milenij, a tura hotel Milenij – Volosko – Slatina - hotel Milenij.
Ispred hotela Milenij | 01.07. - 31.08.2017.

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OpatijaFriday, 7.7.2017. - 9.7.2017.
Liburnia Jazz Festival

Liburnia Jazz Festival has been the reference point of Croatian and European jazz, since the audience as usually the first weekend in srpna represents the established names in jazz music, musicians, who gained worldwide fame or young and promising artists whose talent has yet to become internationally recognized. During the festival, jazz music can be heard from almost every terrace, but also from the sea since the Opatija waters then navigates the popular "Jazz Boat". The highlight of each day takes place on the summer stage, where performances main festival stars.

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OpatijaSaturday, 15.7.2017.
Opatija - Imperial City, stage spectacle

The Lumiere brothers who are in Opatija recorded movies, Isadora Duncan, who danced inspired by the flashing the wind Opatija's palm trees, Empress Sissy that officially never been in Opatija, but "unofficially" by its villas hidden in society lovers and many other celebrities from history this place again "come alive" in mid-July thanks to the theatrical music event "Opatija - the Imperial city" for which the whole city becomes a stage for a fantastic spectacle that gathers thousands of visitors. During this event, tourists can learn about the history of Opatija, explore the hidden secrets of its history, check why this city has become and remained a favorite destination of world famous personalities, but also feel the spirit of the times in which he began the ascent of Opatija on the throne of European tourism. The event "Opatija - imperial city" will be held throughout the whole area of ??the city center, along the main street, promenade, beautiful parks and impressive villas.

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August 2017.

OpatijaFriday, 18.8.2017. - 20.8.2017.
Liburnicon 2017., festival znanstvene fantastike

>info: Udruga Kulturni front
Opatija | 18. - 20.08.2017.

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OpatijaMonday, 21.8.2017. - 25.8.2017.
Liburnia Film Festival

Liburnia Film Festival presents the best documentaries Croatian filmmakers and performers from the previous year. The jury, audience and festival awards are highly respected among filmmakers, and since 2013 LFF is the only film festival in Croatia specializing in the awards for best director, cameraman and sound editing. During the four days of the festival will compete for about fifteen films for the main prize. More than ten films will be screened by the regional production.

It is located in a relaxed atmosphere just a few steps from the sea, and there were at the festival in Icici on average three thousand spectators. In addition to film screenings, Liburnia film festival offers an interesting music program and various workshops.

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September 2017.

Folklorna manifestacija: Naši tanci i stare užanci

Sportska dvorana Marino Cvetković | 16.9.2017.

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OpatijaSunday, 17.9.2017. - 21.9.2017.
12th Quadrennial WFNN Congress 2017

Join us in Croatia for the next WFNN congress, linking nurses from across the world who specialize in neuroscience nursing.

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