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In Istria live, among others: Vlahi, Bezaki, Ćići, Bazgoni, Prikodražani, Bumbari, Roverci, Fućki, Krajevci, Benečani, Gorinjci, Dolinci, Boškari, Kuntražani, Dugohaljari, Kratkorepci, Pričanci, Trnoplesari, Proštinari, Kajići, Prigorci, Učkari.
It is interesting that Istro-Romanian language and Istroromanians came to Croatia in the Middle Age, mainly to the Cicarija area. The first written traces date from the late 15th and the beginning of the 16th century.
According to data from 1971, 1500 inhabitants of Istria were speaking Istroromanian language, but the number decreased to only 200 people in 1998. For this reason Istroromanian is listed on UNESCO's list of endangered languages. Istroromanian is spoken today by a few people only, and mainly within the family, while on the street can be heard only in Zejane. Their well known saying is: Buovu se leaga de kuorne e uomu de limba. (Cattle are caught by their horns, people by their tongues.)
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