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Parenzana Railroad

Railway Parenzana was for 33 years connecting 33 Istrian places with the rest of Europe. It had taken nearly twenty years of preparation for it, but when they started to build 123 km, 9 tunnels, 11 bridges and 6 viaducts, everything was finished in less than two years.
The first train from Trieste to Buje arrived on 1 April 1902 (nobody really believed in its arrival at a time because it was the All Fools Day) and already on the December 15th same year reached Porec. Thirty-three years later Parenzana ended in a public auction. The railroad was dismantled and shipped for Abyssinia, and most likely ended at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea together with the boat.
In 21st cent the Project Parenzana has renovated the old railway and turned it into a very attractive bicycle and pedestrian path.
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