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.::10 FUTURE NATURE 09::.@ MONUMENTI, Pula, Istria

6.8.2009. - 9.8.2009.Pula

.::10 FUTURE NATURE 09::.@ MONUMENTI, Pula, IstriaAVS Mars Room presents:
Summer Festival of Psychedelic Culture
06-09 August 2009

AVS Mars Room presents:
Summer Festival of Psychedelic Culture
06-09 August 2009


HOODWINK (Wildthings Rec.) - GB
TRISTAN (Nano Rec.) - GB
TEGMA (Tribal Vision Rec.) - Swe
ECTIMA (Synergetic Rec.) - Srb
ZYCE & FOX (Iono Rec.) - Srb
PLASMA CORP. (Plusquam Rec.) - Cro

DJ set:
Beardy Weirdy (Wildthings Rec.) - GB
Slater (Tribal Vision Rec.) - Cz
Ganesh (Sub Media) - Cro
Twisted Twins (Soundforms) - Cro
Val Vashar (Ministarstvo Psihodelije) - Cro
Dovla (Interchill Rec.) - Cro
Radical Fusion (Psycordia) - Cro
Nesho (Mars Room) - Cro
Alen (Mars Room) - Cro
Sale (Mars Room) - Cro
Nard (Psycordia) - Cro
Obeah - Cro


Digitron Sound System - Cro
Dovla (Interchill Rec.) - Cro
Dalton (Trance Teleport) - Cro
Teo (888) - Cro
Armazonex family - Cro
Nesho (Mars Room) - Cro
Koorie (Trance Teleport) - Cro
Teddy-Lee (Mars Room) - Cro
JahRule - Cro
Dr. Rus - Cro

Simplevisuals (Mars Room) – Cro
Ana (Metamedia) - Cro
Zeko N.S - Cro

Alen (Mars Room) - Cro
Ilenija (Armazonex family) - Cro
Nemo (Ministarstvo Psihodelije) - Cro

Fire juggling performance:
Čarobnjakov Šešir - Cro

Entry /3 days/: 30 eur

The festival will be held at "Monumenti" only few kilometars from the centre of Pula. Monumenti-Katarina is an old abbandoned military complex situated on the sea shore. Numerouse alternative festivals and gatherings are going to be held there this year and it is going to become central venue for alternative happenings. Beautiful surroundings, luch nature, induvidual creativity with all contribute to a magical expirience.

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