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December 2008.

Cinema Labin, LabinThursday, 18.12.2008. 20:30
Concert "I've got a song for you"

Famous actor Rade Serbedzija and an excellent guitar player, Miroslav Tadic have a concert in Labin Cinema promoting new album "I've got a song for you".
They recorded newly arranged folk songs from Lika, Macedonia and gipsys' songs as well as best ones of Arsen Dedic like Moderato Cantabile, Since I've stoped loving you, Ines...

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Narodni dom, BuzetTuesday, 16.12.2008.
Buzet - Christmas Concert

Concert All i want for Christmas- MARIJA HUSAR & band plus family Grbac vine from Vrh, org. POU Buzet & TZ Buzet.
Place: Narodni dom Buzet

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Monday, 15.12.2008. - 25.12.2008.
Istrian Monthly Fairs to the end of Decembar

Motovun, Na kanalu 15.12.
Labin's Fair 17.12.
Buzet, Mašimova škuja 18.12.
Svetvincenat, Žlinja 20.12.
Visnjan, Pineta 25.12.

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Sunday, 14.12.2008.
Buje - Parenzana on Foot

The anniversary of the first train departure from Buje to Poreč.

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MMC LUKA, PulaSaturday, 13.12.2008. - 15.1.2009.
Yearly exhibition by Istrian Artists, CAVA's members

Traditional exhibition of visual artists of Istria, members of Croatian Association of Visual Artists is opened in Pula's Multimedial Centar. 67 artists are presented by one piece of art made in 2008. The exhibition will be open until January 15th.

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Portarata , PulaSaturday, 13.12.2008. - 30.12.2008.
December in the Saucepan

Along with the concerts, exhibitions, theater and cinema program, citizens will be able to enjoy the gastronomic specialties at the Pula's Portarata to the end of December. There will be sausages, Fritaja, wine and brandy, and everyone will enjoy the traditional music by various performers each morning and afternoon. The fish and meat specialties from Istria will be offered on "December in the Saucepan" gastro manifestation.

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Istrian National Theatre, PulaFriday, 12.12.2008. 20:00
Concert of Pula Wind Orchestra

Large Concert of Pula Wind Orchestra in Istrian National Theater. Solo players: Aleksandra Santin Golojka, piano , Ariana Bossi (soprano), Voljen Grbac (tenor), and guests - Mixed Choir Rondo Histriae.
Conductors: Ante Dobronić, Branko Okmaca and Vinka Burić.

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TarFriday, 12.12.2008.
TAR - Olive Oil Exhibition

Folk festival - Municipality Day
Gastronomic event - Olive Oil Exhibition

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KANTRIDA SWIMMING POOL, RijekaThursday, 11.12.2008. - 14.12.2008.
12th European Short Course Championships,
Swimming pool Kantrida, Rijeka

Europe’s swimmers are still showing top performances at the end of the year. On the opening day of the 2008 European Short Course Swimming Championships in Rijeka they set no fewer than ten European records, one was also a World record.
Rijeka (pps) The 2008 European Short Course Swimming Championships in Rijeka set a new record in participating nations. 40 of the altogether 51 member federations of the European Swimming Federation, LEN, were taking part in Rijeka.

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ŽminjWednesday, 10.12.2008. 00:07 - 17:00
Žminj - Traditional monthly fair

The traditional monthly fair which takes place every third Wednesday in this vivacious town, is the biggest fair in the central Istrian area after the one held in Pazin.
9. rujna St.

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