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May 2009.

UmagMonday, 25.5.2009. - 30.5.2009.

XX ITF SENIOR, XI JUNIOR, III VETERAN EUROPEAN TAEKWON-DO CHAMPIONSHIPS 2009 and ITF EUROPE CUP 2009 from the 25th to 30th may in Umag, Istria, Croatia.
• May 26, 27, 28, 30 2009 European Championship (4 days);
• 29 may, ITF-Europe Cup (1 day).
The tournament takes place at New Sport Hall Umag

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RovinjSunday, 24.5.2009. 10:30
The festival of delicacies in Rovinj @ Istria

24.05.2009 - Rovinj, 10.30 - Trg maršala Tita (Square)
A presentation of gastronomic and oenological delicacies of Rovinj and Istria’s hinterland, food and wine tasting (prosciutto, cheese, olive oil, wine, liqueurs, brandy, bread, baked goods, aromatic herbs, mushroom produce, pastries) and an extensive menu of Istria’s specialties on offer at the best restaurants in Rovinj.
In addition to this extensive gastronomic and oenological offer, the festival will abound in entertainment and events all day long. The program will start at 10.30 a.m. and include: Music Knights, Marko Ramljak and Kristijan Terzić, Duo Strings, Eligio and Boris, Dream Project acoustic

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Sunday, 24.5.2009.
 World Wine Day &Open cellars day @ Istria

The day of open cellars in Umag-Novigrad Cluster on the Wine Road of Buje region, World Wine Day

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BujeSunday, 24.5.2009.
International art competition: ISTRART, Buje

International art competition: ISTRART, Buje
St. Servulus Festivity in the atrium of Culture centre in Buje.

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Saturday, 23.5.2009.
Baloon Party @ Daylight Cocktail Bar, Katoro bb

Find the lucky BALLOON and won the Prize at Baloon Party @ Daylight Cocktail Bar!

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PulaSaturday, 23.5.2009.
Kickboxing: Adria Cup 2009 @ Pula, Patinaggio

The third international kickboxing tournament will be held in the Pattinaggio sports hall in Pula. More than 400 participants from four countries will compete for the first place in the semi contact, light contact and aero kickboxing discipline. The entrance is free of charge for all those who are interested in seeing the participants' fighting skills.

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PorečSaturday, 23.5.2009.
House party @ Club Plava, Porec, Istria

House party, guest DJ IVAN MASTERMIX!

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Friday, 22.5.2009. 23:00
Voland Le Mat @ Stara tiskara, Pula, Istra

Momir Oljaca alias Voland Le Mat - acoustic guitar, voice; John Arnold Satyr - piano; Velimir Grujic Kockar- solo guitar; Lucia Stanojevic Fraulein - violin, back vocals; Uglješa Novakovic Pan - tenor & alto saxophone; Silvio Sarunic Advocatus - bass, Igor Bušljeta Il Quarto - drums.
Festival Polis Jadran Europa

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MMC LUKA, PulaFriday, 22.5.2009. 20:00 - 10.6.2009.
Award winning design of Istria 07-09 @ MMC Luka

Exhibition: Award winning design of Istria 07-09 at MMC Luka until Jun 10th.
Concept: Gorka Ostojic Cvajner

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PulaFriday, 22.5.2009. 10:00 - 24.5.2009.
Days of Antiquity @ Pula, Istria

As homage to the world in which it was born, the town of Pula brings back bacchanalia and gladiator games for all the visitors and chance travellers.
Town streets and squares, the Small Roman Theatre, the Archaeological Museum, the Forum and the Amphitheatre - the whole town will be a stage between 22 and 24 May with the motto of 'Bread and games!'
Enjoy a great civilization retrospective...once upon a time in Istria...

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