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The festival of delicacies in Rovinj @ Istria

Sunday, 24.5.2009. 10:30Rovinj

The festival of delicacies in Rovinj @ IstriaA presentation of gastronomic and oenological delicacies of Rovinj and Istria’s hinterland, food and wine tasting (prosciutto, cheese, olive oil, wine, liqueurs, brandy, bread, baked goods, aromatic herbs, mushroom produce, pastries) and an extensive menu of Istria’s specialties on offer at the best restaurants in Rovinj.

24.05.2009 - Rovinj, 10.30 - Trg maršala Tita (Square)

The Association of Istria’s Prosciutto Producers, Pazin
Istria County Chamber of Trades and Crafts - Rovinj Association of Craftsmen
Agrolaguna d.d. Poreč
Ipša d.o.o. Livade (Oprtalj)
Aromatica, Zagreb
Mirna - Ribolov d.o.o., Rovinj
Marimirna d.d. for Marine Aquaculture, Rovinj
Istria Sheep Breeders Association ‘Istrijanka’, Pazin
Beekeepers Association ‘Lipa’, Pazin
Zigante Tartufi d.o.o., Plovanija
Agrorovinj Association - Rovinj
Darna d.o.o., Rovinj
Brionka d.o.o., Pula
Maistra d.d. - Rovinj, Vrsar
Valalta d.o.o., Rovinj
AZRRI - Istria’s Rural Development Agency - Pazin
Puljanka d.d. - Pula
Latus d.o.o. Dairy Farm - Žminj

Rovinj and Istria’s delicacies will be on offer at promotional prices at the following hospitality facilities:
1. Restaurant ADRIATIC, Pino Budicin bb, tel. 052/803-510
- Homemade seafood pasta, fillet of sea bass with aromatic herbs, strawberries laced with balsamic vinegar

2. Restaurant GRACIANO, Obala Palih boraca 4, Rovinj tel. 05...
- Istria’s prosciutto and cheese on a bed of rocket salad with honey and walnuts, Istria’s vegetable stew with fennel, meat stew with wine and ravioli, pancakes with homemade vegetable marmalade (tomato, zucchini, carrot)

3. Tavern VJEKO, Garibaldi 1, Rovinj tel. 052/818-180
- Rovinj Rhapsody (crayfish and seafood salad), Grilled fish traditional Rovinj recipe or a la Vjeko, Homemade cakes

4. Restaurant BRANCIN Trg Pignaton 1, Rovinj, tel. 052/8...
- Seafood salads prepared according to old-fashioned recipes, Pastas and cuttlefish risotto a la Brancin, Chef’s recipe for roasted sea bass and potatoes, ‘Brancin’ pancakes

5. Restaurant CALISONA, D. Amicis 1, Rovinj, tel. 052/8...
- Prawn tails with curd and rocket, Mussels a la Calisona

6. Tavern SIDRO, Obala A. Rismondo, Rovinj, tel. 052/8...
- Pasta and seafood risotto with typical Rovinj sauces, Ready meals and Adriatic specialties, Barbecue a la Sidro, Pancakes and Parfait ‘Gordana’

7. Restaurant TORKOLO, R. Daveggia bb, Rovinj, tel. 052...
- Istrian macaroni with prosciutto and asparagus ‘Torkolo’, ‘Torkolo’ cheese, Rovinj Fantasy (meat and fish dishes), Chef’s pancakes

8. Istrian tavern VELI JOŽE, Sv. Križa 1, Rovinj, tel. 052/8...
- ‘Veli Jože’ crayfish salad, Homemade pasta with crayfish, Lamb in white sauce with a side dish, Rovinj fritters

9. Restaurant DA PIERO, obala A. Rismondo, Rovinj, tel. 052/8... - Cold fish appetizer ‘Amfora’ - codfish, anchovies, marinated sardines, octopus and other seafood, chef’s recipe, White fish baked in salt crust served with a side dish, Homemade forest fruit cakes

10. Diner PORTA ANTICA, Obala P. Budicin, Rovinj
- ‘The Star of Rovinj’ (meat and fish dishes, Istria style), Pancakes with ice cream ‘Porta Antica’.

11. Restaurant ORKA, Gripole 70 Rovinj, tel. 052/816-851
- Domestic cold cuts, Fish soup Captain’s style, Fillet of sea bass with asparagus and prawn sauce, Apple pie

In addition to these delights, all guests will have the opportunity to enjoy other savory dishes from the daily menus.

In addition to this extensive gastronomic and oenological offer, the festival will abound in entertainment and events all day long. The program will start at 10.30 a.m. and include:
Music Knights
Marko Ramljak and Kristijan Terzić
Duo Strings
Eligio and Boris
Dream Project acoustic

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