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ARTEXCHANGE – Istrian Art Fair

7.5.2009. - 10.5.2009.Rovinj

ARTEXCHANGE – Istrian Art Fair

MMC Rovinj
1st Istrian Art Fair
07-11 May 2008 from 10.00 a.m. – 08.00 p.m.

Hotel Park
Pre-auction exhibition of the Auction house Kontura
07 May 2008 from 01.00 p.m.-08.00 p.m.
08-10 May 2008 from 10 a.m.- 08.00 p.m.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008
10.00 a.m., MMC Rovinj
Opening of the Fair for exhibitors and public
01.00 p.m., Hotel Park
Opening of pre-auction exhibition of the Auction house Kontura
06.30 p.m., Café Cinema and Trg (Square) Brodogradilišta
08.00 p.m., Trg Brodogradilišta
Solemn opening of the Fair
09.00 p.m., Trg Brodogradilišta
Concert of Livio Morosin Band

Thursday, 8 May 2008
11.00 a.m., MMC Rovinj
Presentation of exhibitors
Gallery Alvona (Labin), Gallery Cvajner (Pula), Gallery Marin (Umag), Gallery Milotić (Pula)
Presented by Mladen Lučić
06.00 p.m., MMC Rovinj
Istrian art monographs
Presented by Gorka Ostojić Cvajner and Mladen Lučić

Friday, 9 May 2008
11.00 a.m., MMC Rovinj
Presentation of exhibitors
Gallery Morić (Split), Gallery S (Koprivnica), Gallery Zlati ajngel (Varaždin), Gallery Zona (Zagreb), Prostor Kranjčar (Zagreb)
Presented by Branka Benčić
08.00 p.m., MMC Rovinj
Auction house and Art magazine Kontura
Presented by Branka Benčić, Zdravko Mihočinec, and Nikola Albaneže

Saturday 10 May 2008
11.00 a.m., MMC Rovinj
Presentation of exhibitors
Ćarlama depot (Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina), Obalne galerije (Piran, Slovenia), Gallery Žula (Maribor, Slovenia)
Presented by Gorka Ostojić Cvajner
12.00 p.m., MMC Rovinj
Art magazine Juliet (Trieste, Italy)
Presented by Branka Benčić and Alessio Curto
06.00 p.m., MMC Rovinj
Publications in the field of visual arts by the Zagreb publisher Meandar
Presented by: Mladen Lučić and Branko Čegec
08.00 p.m., Hotel Park
Auction of works of art of the Auction house Kontura

Sunday, 11 May 2008
11.00 a.m., MMC Rovinj
Contemporary Art Museum of Istria
Presented by: Gorka Ostojić Cvajner, Mladen Lučić, and Davor Maticchio
01.00 p.m., Trg Brodogradilišta Closing ceremony

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