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Chocolate festival Opatija 2011

2.12.2011. 13:00 - 4.12.2011. 23:30Opatija

Chocolate festival Opatija 2011CHOCOLATE FESTIVAL 2011

Catering School OPATIJA
- 02.12. at 13.00 - opening ceremony, in cooperation with the firm Fabbri


- Sampling and promotional sales of premium chocolate Lucifer
- Sampling and promotional sales top original praline, all flavors and shapes, produced from natural ingredients and most respected type of cocoa
- Offer the latest line of top quality chocolate delights

- Chocolates and fruit in chocolate
- Roasting of almonds
- Chocolate, hot chocolate, chocolate cream
- Chocolate souvenirs, St. Nicholas in chocolate ....

- Info desk to desk and Fico oldtimer
- Free distribution of sweets - cherries in chocolate
- Hot chocolate with syrup of orange, mint, strawberry, coconut ...
- Chocolates
- Fritters

Catering Favory - Pastry Shop ŠARLOTA
Saturday 03.12. (10 00-18 00)
Large chocolate fountain with addings
(Seasonal fruit, profiterole, sponge cake, coconut, walnuts, almonds)
Chocolate Specialties by Charlotte:
Charlotte cake flavored with orange and chocolate cake with chocolate and raspberry parfait of chocolate cake, chocolate Charlotte, Reform Cake, Sacher Cake
Mousse of chocolate and vanilla served in cups, chocolate mousse and strawberries
served in glasses
Occasional sales of cakes packed in 250 g and 500 g
Hot drinks all day (03 and 04. December)
Sunday 04.12. (10 00-18 00)
Chocolate Specialties by Charlotte: Fruit choco-bar
Other fruits in chocolate (pineapples, bananas ,...)
Choco-hazelnut squares, chocolate squares, Mignones with chocolate, Bohemian cubes
Occasional sales of cakes packed in 250 g and 500 g

Chocolate lovers club
- Promotional stand

Cafe Imperial, Opatija
- 02.12.2011.
18:00 h animation and entertainment program for children with a mini disco
Face painting for children
- 03/04/12
09:00 to 9:45 pm - Face painting for children, entertainment with animation team LRH
10:00 to 11:00 h, 17:00 to 18:00 h; Play City Puppet Theatre from Rijeka
"Lost stories: Hansel and Gretel" Vedran Balen Spinčić (the brothers Grimm)
Workshops - chocolates, pralines and exhibition sales for a promo price of the sponsors and promoters Higis
The company Vilma Rab - production of praline live with two top masters, chocolate fountain, fruit with chocolate, two dozen kinds of chocolate and chocolate sweets, Rab cake
Special winter prices of coffee and hot drinks

- 03.12.
12:00 h - Imperial cake - cake cutting Imperial exposed along the terrace
coffeehouses with occasional sales at a price of 10 kn
20:00 h - choco dance at the Hotel Imperial

- 04.12.
14.00 - performance Opatija majorettes

Chocolate Le Mandrać dreams become reality ...
chocolate tasting menu:
- Brie in a layer of red poppies and white chocolate
- A soup made of chocolate with orange
- White chocolate mousse with baileys, forest fruit ...
- A glass of red wine with a plate of dark chocolate and fragrant cinnamon
palette of black and white chocolate in a warm-ice combination:
- Chocolate fudge ice cream with pear and rosemary
- Shake from white chocolate and lime
- A delicious mousse of dark and white chocolate
- Gateau
- Chocolate cake made with dark chocolate
- A glass of sparkling wine in the glass creates a wreath of foam
Dinner 'Chocolate party at Le Mandrać "
- Research with a special menu offers desserts from chocolate ... School preparing desserts
- Adult 03.12. 10.00 hours: the secrets of making fine chocolate cake, chocolate
pralines, chocolate decoration and presentation of the olive oil in conjunction with
- For kids chocolate lovers 12/04/2011. 10:00 am: your imagination come to life and
enjoy chocolate as much as you can

Promotional sales of sweets
- Chocolate Bread
- Cake of chocolate and polenta
- Roe back
- Chocolate Cream
- Chocolate cake with ginger
- Mousse of white chocolate and green tea

- Tasting of chocolate and coffee flavored with chocolate, in a joint collaboration
brands Fabbri 1905 and Mokarabia
- Offer hot chocolate with different flavors of syrup Fabbri, cocktails and flavored
machine-based chocolate

Restaurants and patisseries LUNGOMARE
- Showcase the range of confectionery brand Fabbri 1905 based on chocolate
- Tasting all the delicacies of the brand Fabbri chocolate-based, which for you and the
you prepared Italian master pastry

Palms Cafe, the Hotel Bristol
Friday, 02.12 to Sunday 04.12.
Put in the land of happiness with ECO chocolate Vivan

Saturday, 12/03
18:00 Chocolate - the way the land of happiness - a lecture by Ph.D. Darija Vranesic Bender of the strange and nutritional properties of chocolate and cooking workshop led by Marinela Prodan. Introducing quick recipes with chocolate Vivan, blending chocolate and olive oil Grimaldi and educate the public in the preparation of chocolate confections.
19:30 to 22:30 performance by the jazz trio The Mystic Rose

Sunday, 04.12.
11:00 Ecoland - a country of ECO chocolates - a workshop for children on the topic of chocolate.
Children older than 5 years can apply and join in making and decorating chocolate Christmas cookies!

Friday, 02.12 to Sunday 04.12.
The 2nd, 03, 12/04/2011.
'Bristol Choco promenade'
- The international photo exhibition on the theme 'Chocolate' renowned photographers from
- Exhibition of handmade chocolate pralines and chocolates Bristol Choco
Locations: Grand Cafe / terrace Tamaris / Astoria Hotel / Hotel St. James / Hotel
Milenij (reception / lobby bar / café Wagner / terrace cafes)
Café Wagner
Café Grand
Occasional sales of Choco pralines and chocolate delicacies in front of a coffee shop 10:00 to 22:00 h:
Chocolate bottles, Pines, lollipops, CDs, spoons, chocolate Sv. Nicholas, the chocolate fritters, offer occasional chocolate pralines with more than 30 filling (apricot, pistacchio, cognac, cherry, hazelnut, etc.) and various local products such as jams, homemade brandy, honey, wine, dried figs, spices
Special offer in cafes Wagner and Grand: chocolate muffins, holiday cookies, cookies dipped in chocolate, chocolate cake (Bristol Choco, Chocolate Fantasy, Chocolate Mousse, Sacher, Caramel), chocolate fondant, with chocolate croissants, chocolate crostata, mulled wine and tea with rum

Terrace Cafe Mozart and Piano Bar
Hot drinks and chocolate confectionery
- Cappuccino
- Cocoa
- Hot Chocolate / Hot Chocolate
- Chocolate balls Mozart / Mozart chocolate balls
- Chocolate Bread / Bread Chocolate
- Chocolate cake variety / Chocolate Cake / Sacher
Promotional price: 12.00 kn

Marina Friend, Boris and Deniz Mihovilić Zembo represent indigenous souvenirs and native chocolate culinary delights:
- "Promenade" - marking the 100th anniversary of the Promenade Promenade
- "Lovran maroon"

Sunday, 4.12. at 12.00
Theatre "The Firebird" Zagreb, the show "Fear in Linden Street", for children aged 8-14 years

- Saturday / Sunday 14.00 Miss Lilipi - street performance "Ah, that woman"
- Saturday / Sunday 15.00 Clown Marek - "The Circus for dwarfs"

- Saturday / Sunday 14.00 to 16.00 - the performance duo Shik - Shok and Cigo man band

Saturday, 11.00 to 15.00
Sunday 13.00 to 17.00
Jazz Park - a performance by jazz duo Astrid / Spartaco

Saturday, 13.00 to 17.00
Sunday 14.00 to 18.00
performance by the band Lemon 3

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