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Exhibition: FRACTALS & Concert od DIYALA

Saturday, 7.3.2009.Lamparna, Labin

Exhibition: FRACTALS & Concert od DIYALA21:00 Exhibition Fractals by Sanja Svrljuga
22:00 Cincert DIYALA, freestyle&experimental&hip-hop singer

Born on July 11th 1979! Wrote my first poetry in the 7th grade of elementary school, and a few years later:

Started of with a new-breed band in 1999 by the name of PLAG which later changed names to MANNYS INSANE. Members changed and so did the whole band concept, the band fell apart.

In the early 2000. I met PURE STEMS PACK from Zagreb (hard core band), and lately collaborated with them for their new album on the track "Noir".

In the year 2002. came the TRISTOSIXTY project. Three people (me, DJ Ain'tune and NMC) founded the group as our way of a hip-hop awareness project. Today we are proud of what that has become. The guys are doing their thing with a hip-hop radio show, party events, collaborations and exedra.

After the pleasure of meeting with one of the most successful and talented MC's in the area - EDO MAAJKA, I got the chance do to a collaboration on his second album, on a song named "Down". Not working my way trough MC-ing, but trying to make one sad love song captured trough my way of singing ...

EDDY meets JANNAH (break beat - future jazz duo) came out with their latest album JUST LIKE, and I had a collaboration on a song named "From the rooftop". A nice slow - groovy melody.

In the year 2006. I got nominated for the best new performer award ZLATNA KOOGLA even though the award went to a dear friend - MC Frenkie. But anyway, the nomination for the award made me feel acknowledged for my work.

In spring of 2007. I finished my album and video for the song "Raw". The video was directed by MITJA OKORN from Slovenia.

While shooting the RAW video a phone call came about N.Y management interested in Diyala! Through Morris studio in Zagreb I started negotiations for a record deal. Unfortunately a deal that didn't give any results concerning my career in the next year to come... Deal was droped in 2008! Anyways "Raw" had an amazing success ... Debut single that blossomed. Smashing at a K4 gig in Ljubljana all came together in sense of pursuing my career and finally realizing this album MUST COME OUT!

Finally on November 10th 2008 Rapstract is geting it's chance... The long awaited album out by CPZ records in Slovenia. Here's the list of peple who did it:
Producers: NMC, Sleepgolfer, Agent 0.03, Billain, Re, Excirey.
All tracks recorded by: Emil Herceg at SONARSCOPE STUDIO, except R u mad, Magix and Safe recorded by Sleepgolfer.
Mixed and mastered by Mladen Malek @ audioMMproduction.
All lyrics written by Diyala.

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