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HALLOWEEN @ Utvrda Punta Christo, Stinjan

31.10.2009. 18:00 - 1.11.2009. 12:00Club Punta Christo, Štinjan

HALLOWEEN @ Utvrda Punta Christo, StinjanUrban Sounds presents:


Utvrda Punta Christo,Štinjan, Pula

Techno floor (18:00-04:00)

Psycho Devils ( Leveltrauma, Criminal, Pd-rec ), GERMANY
MinuPren (Leveltrauma, Pd-rec ), GERMANY
Ogi (Energetica, Tehnjava, Beast), Rijeka
Make ( N-Shen POP Music,Oldies but Goldies ), Pula
Zoky (Twisted, Balkan Beasts), Zagreb
Simeon (Anderground, Urban Sounds), Zadar
VJ Bionic (LoopJunkies), Split

House floor (20:00-12:00)

Mark Ash ( Tanzbar, Synthetic Arts, Balance Fm ), Rijeka
Rene Maker (South American House, Afroboogie Rec., Urban Sounds), Zagreb
Deep Marshall (TNG), Pula
Deneem (Insane Beats), Pula
BarZu (Urban Sounds, EC Monvi), Rovinj

Psy floor (20:00-08:00)

Ganesh (Sub Media), Zagreb
Alen (Mars Room), Pula
Obeah (Insane Beats), Pula
Ready (Experiment), Zagreb
Cortez (Fade Out Rec.), Pula
VJ Zeko (Mars Room), Pula

DNB floor (20:00-04:00)

Odium (Bass Invaders), Zagreb
Implant (LoopJunkies), Split
Golem (LoopJunkies), Split
VJ Xplode (LoopJunkies), Split
Toninho Pikulla (Collective Sounds), Zagreb

After party floor (04:00-12:00)

Vialex Metamorph live ( Filth Factory ), Zagreb
Fyuz (Tehnjava), Rijeka
Hadji (Different Night, Urban Sounds), Zagreb
Cepo (Urban Sounds), Rijeka

ENTRY: 50kn presale/70kn at the doors

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